Even the timing of overhaul lavatory

Curious, however much time to repair the bathroom spend U.S. Colleagues. Happened 2 times more than the average for the mounds. To do repairs required by U.S. Spices 3-4 and 2-3 weeks time. (The sizing of the bathroom some 1.8 m by 2.2 m), ie, the area is less than our separate toilet. Correctly, do not say anything approximately the prices… Correctly tell. The cost of one square meter of $ 25-30 And the placement grade meets our SNIP (+ – 1 mm) Dear customers, do not To think of that the bathroom renovation can be done in 3 times or a week. This is unreal. If you refresh the wall tiles, then yes, it is potential for a week. And spend a whole range of works from plumbing to mounting of doors and installation of all equipment, h2o heaters, tubs, toilets, etc. Takes much more time. Dismantling 1-2 days Mounting of water conduit and sanitary plant electricians 2-3 days 1-2 times Acceptance phase of one day setup boxes, leveling walls and wood floor wall tile laying 3-5 times 3-7 times Plant of wood doors and roof Grout 2-3 days Tile Setting of 1 day (washroom, toilet, etc.) How a effect, 1-2 times 15-26 times

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