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For those who first encounters with the word “upgrade» («upgrade») explained that this word means rich update, resource and high quality, property, modernization. All this fully applies to your old restroom. It is perfectly potential to do it with a new and current. So? And this is, however to do alterations? First of all, we enjoy to solve for yourself the matter, what will be the renovation. Simple whitewashed walls and roof of the issues is virtually, It is possible to hold them without involving outside forces, and even reading the article. A small tricky if you decide to change aqueduct armature and floor tile cladding. Even more complicated when you want to enlarge or cut the restroom, replace the placement of its walls, that is, to make alterations to the premises. This is a complex and time-consuming task. Even the bathroom it will claim high financial costs and red tape. First of all, you claim a project of redevelopment. Once it demanded only if redevelopment included only replace the bearing wall. The rest of the walls can be tuned independently. But currently may must to coordinate any redevelopment projects in ZhEKe and the Bureau of Technical Inventory (NBTI). This in turn will claim a mass of documents and the construction of their long-term agreements at various levels. According to conservative estimates, the person running on different instances, permission to redevelop the apartment you get at most 4-6 months. There is an easier way – to conclude a contract with the growth company to carry out redevelopment. I defy you to question the necessary permits in a issue of days. Money was used. About 2000 UAH. For illegal alterations to the Administrative Code, you, so an individual, be fined in the volume of 17 to 51 UAH. With officials great even steeper – along up to 119 UAH. But if the case was limited to just this! Illegally reschedule the room you will not be able to sell. In identifying illegal alterations you can do or restore the old model, or arrange it in a proper manner. Toilet overhaul repair komnatyPri eternal questions arise: who will do the rehabilitation, where to buy growth substances and sanitary equipment, however much it will cost and so long the repairs will make it. I would like to renovation done enough qualified professionals. Otherwise improperly connected aqueduct may lead to flooding of neighbors. Qualified rehabilitation include: – Removal of obsolete facilities and preparatory work – plumbing construction wiring systems for hot and coldness h2o, and sanitation; – electric and tiling work – leveling and waterproofing of walls – water conduit connection – carpentry, hitch accessories. We may go even further. Perform non-standard and more complex work. For example, oblitsevat floor tiles forming intricate designs on the wall, use mosaic tile seamlessly with sharpening external and internal corners at 45 degrees. Arrange a niche designer, multi-level ceilings, set additional appliances on plumbing facilities. But if you want your washroom was the alone in the world of styling and you get enough money, you can ordering the repairs of specialized design firm. This type of repair fabulously expensive, it uses highly unique styling solutions. What do the rehabilitation to you.

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